Cartographic Interface


This section provides access to a cartographic representation of various information owned by the Canadian Coast Guard.

The charts available in the cartographic representation are used under restricted license.

Please read and accept the conditions of use.

The cartographic depictions used in this applet are low resolution versions of the original charts published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS). They shall not be used for navigation.

Chart data under License from the Canadian Hydrographic Service. (

End Users agree to use cartographic information from the Marinfo web site solely for personal purposes; and not for commercial or navigation purposes or for service bureau, time-sharing or other similar purposes. End Users may not copy, republish, modify, reformat, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any portion of the information, and you may not otherwise transfer or distribute the information in any form, for any purpose.

Without limiting the foregoing, you may not:

  • use the information with any products, systems, or prepare any derivative work with the information or any portion thereof;
  • sublicense, transfer, assign, rent, lease, or otherwise convey the information, or any right with respect thereto, to any party; or
  • disassemble, decompile or otherwise reverse engineer all or any portion of the information.

In no event shall the Canadian Hydrographic Service be liable for consequential, incidental, special or indirect damages including loss of profits or business opportunities) regardless of whether CHS has been advised of or is aware if such damages may have been incurred.




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