Marine Communications and Traffic Officer

What is a Marine Communications and Traffic Services Officer?

The Marine Communication and Traffic Services Officer (MCTS) provides communications and marine traffic services to a diversified clientele composed of marine transport industry, different federal and provincial departments, recreational boaters and fishers.
These services ensure the protection of human lives at sea, protection of the marine environment and efficient management of ship movements. They are offered from five MCTS centres located at Sarnia (Ontario), Prescott (Ontario), Québec (Québec), Les Escoumins (Québec) and Iqaluit (Nunavut).

Marine Communication and Traffic Services Officer

What academic training and professional development do I need?

MCTS Officer Training at the Canadian Coast Guard College in Sydney Nova Scotia.

Where can I Study?

The Canadian Coast Guard College in Sydney Nova Scotia is the only institution offering MCTS Officer Training. The 25-week program is offered in both official languages and consists of mixed theory and practical simulator classes. After successfully completion of the College Program, students will be certified MCTS Officer after 4 to 5 months on-the-job training in a MCTS Centre.

What are my career opportunities?

  • MCTS Centre Shift Supervisor;
  • Canadian Coast Guard College Instructor;
  • Various positions within the Federal Public Service.

What qualities and interests are essentials?

  • Interest in the marine field;
  • Good oral expression abilities;
  • Initiative, judgment and tolerance to stress;
  • Enjoy team work;
  • Interest in using highly advanced equipment;
  • Bilingual;
  • Be able to work irregular schedules of 8 or 12 hours (day and night).

Average annual initial income: 48 000 $ - 63 000 $

Salary increases with ranks.

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