Ice Bulletins Sorel to Trois-Rivieres - 30-Day Outlook

SRCN05 CWIS 172030
Ice bulletin for Lake St-Pierre area from Sorel to Trois-Rivieres issued at 2030UTC Wednesday 
January 17 2018 by Montreal Ice Centre of the Canadian Coast Guard.

Ice conditions 
Sorel to S114
1/10 thin brash
4/10 grey
5/10 nilas and new

S114 to S54
1/10 medium brash
4/10 thin brash
3/10 grey
2/10 nilas

S54 to Trois-Rivieres
1/10 medium brash
1/10 to 2/10 thin brash
Trace thin first year
3/10 to 4/10 grey
3/10 to 4/10 nilas and new

Mariners are advised to navigate with extreme caution in the vicinity of and in ice infested 
waters as ice conditions may be more extensive and/or severe than reported.

Pieces of fast ice may break away from the fast ice edges and drift into the shipping channel at 
any time between Sorel and Trois-Rivieres.

Those bulletins as well as ice charts are available on CCG internet site at the following address: