Ice Bulletins Montreal to Les Escoumins - Daily Outlook

SRCN01 CWIS 261300 
Ice bulletin for the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Les Escoumins including the Saguenay Fiord issued at 1300 UTC Friday March 26 2021 by Montreal Ice Centre of the Canadian Coast Guard. 

This is the last bulletin for this season.

General ice conditions: 
From Montreal to Les Escoumins: Open water and first year ice.
Saguenay Fiord: From Port Alfred to Tadoussac : Open water and first year ice.

Estimated detailed conditions:
Montreal to St-Nicolas
Open water

St-Nicolas to St-Jean
Trace to 2/10 thin first year

St-Jean to Les Escoumins
Open water

Saguenay Fiord
Port Alfred to Tadoussac
Trace to 1/10 thin first year

Mariners are advised to navigate with extreme caution in the vicinity of and in ice infested waters as ice conditions may be more extensive and/or severe than reported.

Pieces of batture may break away from the fast ice edges and drift into the shipping channel at any time between Montreal and Cap Brule.

This bulletin and more ice/weather products are available on web sites at the following addresses: