Ship’s Mechanical Assistant

What is an Ship’s Mechanical Assistant?

The Ship’s Mechanical Assistant assists Marine Engineers in operating, maintaining and repairing propulsion system components, auxiliary engines and shipboard apparatus. The Ship’s Mechanical Assistant checks equipment indicators and running parameters using new technologies. The Ship’s Mechanical Assistant works on all types of Canadian Coast Guard ships, from icebreakers to sounding ships and buoy tenders.

Ship’s Mechanical Assistant

What academic training & professional development do I need?

  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent;
  • Acceptable training in a related field such as mechanics may be an asset;
  • Marine Emergency Duty training;
  • Transport Canada Ship’s Mechanical Assistant Certification;
  • Sea time and professional development required for Ship’s Mechanical Assistant to obtain Marine Engineer Certification.

Where can I study?

  • Institut maritime du Québec offers Marine Emergency Duty training in Lévis (Québec Area).

What are my career opportunities?

  • Marine Engineer;
  • Industrial Mechanic;
  • Various positions within the Federal Public Service.

What qualities and interests are essential?

  • Aptitude for manual work;
  • Interest in systems operations and technologies;
  • Enjoy team work;
  • Interest in working at sea;
  • Avoir le sens de la débrouillardise;
  • Able to work irregular schedules;
  • Taste of adventure and travel.

Income and benefits

Salary varies according to position and time worked.
Most Coast Guard crews work a schedule called lay-day, or a period of 14 to 42 days at sea followed by equivalent time off with pay.

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