Canadian Coast Guard Fleet in Quebec

CCGS Pierre Radisson

CCGS Pierre Radisson - Click to enlarge CCGS Pierre Radisson
Source: Canadian Coast Guard

The CCGS Pierre Radisson is based in Québec. Her powerful diesel-electric propulsion system powers her through ice a meter thick at a speed of 6 knots. She is an essential tool in the Canadian icebreaking program.

The vessel can carry sufficient provisions for 140 days and enough fuel to travel 15 000 nautical miles at cruising speed. She is fitted with equipment that can turn salt water into drinking water to meet the needs of at least 80 people. In addition to sophisticated navigation and communication equipment, she has a landing deck and a helicopter.

In winter, the Pierre Radisson is assigned to icebreaking and ship escort operations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and on the St.Lawrence River and Saguenay River. In late winter, she can be called upon to carry out icebreaking and ship escort operations in the St. Lawrence Seaway and on the Great Lakes.

Every summer, the vessel travels to the Canadian Arctic to escort commercial ships and start up and maintain navigation aids. While in the Arctic, the Pierre Radisson also serves as a primary search and rescue unit and provides support to scientific missions when possible.


Medium/River Icebreaker
98,33 m
19,51 m
7,16 m
Full load displacement
8 090 tm
11 155 kW
Maximum speed
16,9 knots
Cruising speed
12,5 knots
Core crew
Burrard Dry Dock, C.-B.
Year built

For additional information, consult the official CCGS PIERRE RADISSON vessel details record.